Stuti Purohit

Trove Experiences

Developed an identity and branding system for Trove Experiences. A company imagining and curating new entertainment and travel experiences in India that are fresh, unique and enriching. They collaborate with incredibly passionate artists and storytellers to present experiences like perfume-making, mixology, farm-to-fork, equestrian adventures, stargazing, horology, wildlife art, sailing, and many more.

Agency: Please See

Role: Creative Designer

Team: Kassandra Fernandes, Subhanita Das,
Shivani Saboo, Richa Sohi

Imaginative Collection of Experiences

Trove, literally is a store of valuable or delightful things, a treasure chest of collections. We aggregate novel, imaginative experiences for our consumer - one who is three dimensional and always evolving. With these experiences, Trove fulfills this need to live every moment to its fullest, and leverages their curiosity. There’s an element of surprise and creativity in whatever Trove curates.

The brand is a combination of the Explorer and Creator. While the former represents the experience-seeking nature of the consumer, the latter infuses the imaginative approach of the brand.


Using the “O” in Trove to represent a keyhole that is a gateway into the world of Trove. Having it at an angle alludes to the action of unlocking along while the custom typeface which gives it a modern yet classic appearance.


The primary colour palate is lean and made of cooler colours to reflect the sophistication and expertise of the brand. Where as the secondary palette complements the former with richer and brighter tones that make the brand more approachable and contemporary.

For other visual elements, we created ‘The collection’, it reiterates the idea of careful curation in the different collaterals. Each element represents Trove’s philosophy what the experinces at Trove hold for you. Along with The “Keyhole”  using it as a vessel that beholds many experiences for you and to show interaction and bring out the key aspects of the experience.

Online & Offline Communication

Touch Points at the Experiences