Stuti Purohit

Tori, Mumbai

360 Branding Project

Developed an identity and branding system for Tori, a Latin-Asian restaurant in Mumbai. Revered Sushi chef Tom Caitly from Nobu fame is what draws the crowd to this upscale restaurant. Our challenge was to create a visual identity that stays true to the cultures of Latin America and Asia and reflects the class and excitement of the space and cuisine. 

Agency: Please See

Role: Creative Designer

Team: Kassandra Fernandes, Adele DePenha
Shivani Saboo, Richa Sohi

The primary colour palette reflect the sophistication of and expertis e of Asian cuisine, with warmer and brighter colours that reflect the South American influence. 

The various touch points at the restaurant try to exaggerate this idea of enjoyment and celebration, of the food, the cultures and the people you share it with.