Stuti Purohit

Shared Patio

short film

A short film I made for the “Project Class” at School of Visual Arts in 2015, where me and a group of Graphic Design and Advertising majors were challenged by the design department to direct our own films and engage in filmmaking as an alternate way of visual storytelling. This year the brief was to create a short film based on a short story of our choice. 


I had recently picked up a collection of short stories by Miranda July. She is a very versatile artist and has practiced many forms of storytelling. Her body of work includes films, short stories, monologue, digital media presentations, and live performance art. Hence, her writing consists of vivid imagery and I saw high potential in bringing the story to life on screen.

I visited a book signing she was hosting in the West Village and got her blessings to go ahead and pursue this film. I worked with a small team of film veterans who helped me bring this project to life over the course of one year, from writing the script, to finding the right crew and post production.

Title: Shared Patio
Running Time: 9 minutes 21 seconds
Genre: Drama
Format: Black Magic


Stuti Purohit
Producer: Andrew Klubertanz
Screenplay: Holli Harms
Cinematography: Francisco Escobar
Editor: Andrew Klubertanz
Music: Atman Sheth


Dana - Gareth Tidball
Walter - Jack Ramone
Jess - Caroline Blair

Adapted from: “Shared Patio”;
No One Belongs Here More Than You.
by Miranda July

Synopsis: A lonely, obsessive and delusional woman in love with her downstairs neighbor’s husband—who suffers from epilepsy—seizes an unusual opportunity to achieve the transient tryst that she has been dreaming of.


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Created by Amaurys Grullon & Luke Guyer

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